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Hello friends!

It has been a week since I have shared my daily photos with you.

Even though I haven’t shared daily, I have been taking my photos and practicing daily gratitude!

Here goes…. Days 58-65



My new glasses!  They are so fun… you know glasses are like shoes, you have to have many fun pairs!


Thanks to Caroline at Coolcity Kettlecorn , we LOVE popcorn with black truffle salt!


Here’s the cutie eating the delicious truffle corn…


You all know how I love my espresso… when the barista makes a heart with the foam, it tastes that much better!


My mom has been my chauffeur for over a month.  She has selflessly given up her Maj Jong games and job at the library to take me all around town.  What an amazing Bubbie.  So Grateful…


Iced green tea with fresh mint!


The book I am currently reading.  It is completely reinforcing this 365 gratitude project…  mindfulness training.


I LOVE it when the season changes and you can get AMAZING deals on great boots…  I have gotta get back to work soon…!


Maddox’s new positive reinforcement system that we came up with… he is doing great!  It also helps to have a fantastic teacher!

There ya have it!   8 days of gratitude wrapped up into one post!

Have any of you been practicing daily gratitude?  How are you keeping your perspective on what’s important?


With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie