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Wow…  I have no idea what day it is!

Brief update:  After my first back surgery, my disc re-herniated on day 6, so on day 10 (day 10 after my first surgery…) I had a second back surgery.


I am healing slowly and taking my time.

I am accepting help and have received a great deal of kindness and generosity.

It has been truly heartwarming.  ❤

I have a hard time being patient and letting others do for me, but I have surrendered this time.

Despite the challenges of the last few weeks ( the last year, really….) there is still a LOT to be grateful for.

I am going to slap ya with several of my photos from the last 10 or so days all at once so I can get back on the program!

I do admit that I missed a few days in the thick of it…


Chocolate Ice Cream… need I say more?


The beautiful St. Johns bridge on our way to the hospital.


Delicious banana bread from a good friend, Gluten Free!


Add “chemical coffee” and it can’t get better!


An empty ER waiting room after waiting 5 hours to be seen the previous day… grateful.


My Valentines Date… we are taking a raincheck on that one 🙂


My bulbs have sprouted!


New leopard print jammies, thanks mom!


My trusty companion Duke, at my bedside.


Even my far away sweet friends sent love in the form of chocolate covered strawberries.


An amazing meal delivered by a family that we only met a few weeks ago.  One of Brayden’s school mates.  Such kindness.


Great reading material, also gifted to me. 


There seems to be a theme here….  hopefully I can get moving soon!

Such gratitude for the outpouring of support from our friends and family.  


With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie