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So I knew it was bound to happen.

At some point, although I keep taking my photos and acknowledging my daily gratitude, I knew life was going to sweep me away and I would lose track of the day and the blog posts.

It happened.

I do have a great excuse though…

Last week after a month of excruciating back pain.  I finally got to see the Neurosurgeon.

That was Wednesday.

Friday, I had back surgery.   

Sounds horrible, but really it was such a blessing.    I am SO grateful to be out of pain and healing and recovering.

So… in the interest of writing a short{ish} post, I thought  I would share my photos from the last week and get back on track!

My one caveat: I am on pain meds, so forgive me if this is a bit disjointed…  🙂


Papa built us a new table for the kitchen!  Perfect fit!


Brayden gave this to Maddox when he was sick last week ” feel better soon”… I found it in Maddox’s bed while he was sleeping one night… awww


Updating Brayden’s room with a Star Wars theme… gotta love the clock from Ross for $7.  I love a bargain…


Reading with Brayden for Oregon Battle of the Books.  It is time that I absolutely cherish.  The book is interesting… hmmmm.


Fresh caught Steelhead that my wonderful coworker Amy brought us.  We ate it the day after it was caught!  


Comfort food… fake, processed… need I say more.  I do believe it was organic though 🙂


Watching my confident boy compete in the Battle of the books.  


View from my hospital bed.  My hubby who spent the night by my side.   Of course with his cell phone in hand…  tee hee


Finally going to catch some zzz’s after over a month with no sleep!


Delicious dinners from friends who are taking such great care of our family.


A full fridge…. Thanks to Jodi, Kim, Tara, Catherine, Heather, Caroline, and Andrea.  Such wonderful friends and support.    ❤


I am healing well and feeling so much better already, so thankful!

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie