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Have you ever just looked at something and felt a sense of peace wash over you? 

I bet you are guessing that I have.


Last summer we were in California for a family wedding.  It was one of the BEST vacations we have ever had.  We had the privilege to stay at a family members beautiful beach home and spend the week together.  It felt like heaven on earth…

We were downtown cruising through the shops and we came across a little shop with a bunch of eclectic trinkets and of course the boys wanted some little statue of an animal or something.

We got to talking with the shop owner and it turned out it was the 50th year that he had been in business there!  He started talking about some of the pieces in his shop.

When he got to Ganesh  he said he stood for ” Nothing is impossible, everything is possible”.  

I had to buy it.  

He has been sitting on my nightstand ever since.

Since then, I have come across two other  symbols that serve as a reminder to remain balanced simply because looking at them made me feel at peace.

I wasn’t sure what they were… until the other day.

{ I figured if I was starting a collection of them, I should probably do some research and figure out what they were exactly… I mean, I knew they were some type of Buddhist figure, but didn’t know the specifics…}


They are Gautama Buddha.  What is interesting is that the position of their hands are meaningful.

The Mudra ( or hand position) of the green one is symbolic for “meditation and contemplation” and the dark one is significant for “protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear”

It is so interesting to me that intuitively I chose the figures that would be the most significant to me without even knowing…

Today I am grateful for feeling peace and contentment. 

What brings you peace?

signature Debbie