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Another double whammy for hump day!


Day 12

These gals!!

I love going to work and there are two reasons…

  1.  I love helping people
  2. I love the people I work with

I often reflect on how different my days would be and how differently I would feel if it weren’t for these two ladies.


Most people would find it claustrophobic to share an office with two other co-workers, but for me, it is a big part of what makes my job amazing.

The collaboration with these two wonderful women and how knowledgable and fun they are, makes the days just fly!

So fun to celebrate Jenna’s birthday last night!



Day 13:

Oh this door and what it means…


The comfort of my home, my family, my loves, and the end to a VERY long day…

What more is there??

I couldn’t wait to walk through it!

With Love and Gratitude,

signature Debbie