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This post could go on and on and on.

In fact this amazing mama deserves a whole blog dedicated to all the amazing things she does and the amazing person that she is.

Best. Mom. Ever.


I secretly snapped this at lunch today.  { sorry mom!}

This one’s a little better 🙂

Photo: Chris Oordt

Photo: Chris Oordt

I acknowledge everyday the value that my relationship with my mom adds to my life.  Not only to  my life, but to my kids, and my husband.

I honestly don’t quite know how I raised my kids for four years without her.  She moved close to us a year ago and I lean on her CONSTANTLY.

I would like to think that we lean on each other and support each other in ways that no one else could…

It isn’t true what they say about parenting being over when your kids are 18.

I still need my mom every single moment (or so it would seem!).

She is truly the most nurturing, caring, loving, and generous woman I know.



With love and gratitude,

signature Debbie