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So I spoiler alerted you yesterday, and I totally lied!

As life would have it, I suppose you cannot predict what will happen, and in this case what you will be reminded of that you are grateful for.

So, the hubby will have to wait… AGAIN!   ( not that I am not grateful for you every day sweetie!)

This morning, my spirited child awoke with one of his vomiting migraine episodes.  These happen every three months and we mobilize pretty quickly when we hear the “cry”.

This kid is SO amazing.  I cannot even describe how resilient he is.  Even in the midst of feeling so horrible, puking his guts out, and not being able to walk he is so dizzy, he manages to be sweet ( which is not always usual!) and takes it all in stride despite the many disappointments.


Us loading up to leave Bend today.  Four hour drive ahead.



On the road.

The admiration I have for his strength is immense.   What a lesson in acceptance.

With love and gratitude,

signature Debbie