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When I decided that I was going to do the 365 grateful project, immediately my first thought was that I have to get a photo of my husband today.  Really, it was my first thought.


He. can. wait.   ( sorry babe!)  Spoiler alert for tomorrow…

It is amazing how many things you see to be grateful for when you are looking for them.

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience new things, to take care of my precious body, and meet new and wonderful souls. 


I had the privilege while on vacation to visit Cloud 9 Healing Arts.  I think it was beshert ( yiddish for “meant to be”).   Not only did the treatment ( I had a hot stone facial massage… I know!) feel like just what I needed, but Jessica herself felt like a breath of fresh air and just a really wonderful and peaceful person.

If you are ever in Bend, OR, you must go visit her!

What a way to begin the New Year!

What is your day 1 photo?

With love and gratitude,

signature Debbie