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A couple weeks ago, when loss was fresh in my mind (not that it isn’t now…), Brayden and I had 30 minutes to kill.

We found the library used book store (which always proves to be a economically dangerous adventure!) and low and behold, they were having a half off EVERYTHING sale!  Whoop Whoop!

After scooping up as many of the Harry Potter hardback books I could find ( for $2 each!), a bright blue book caught my eye.   On the title alone, I grabbed it.


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So appropriate for the gratitude that I have been feeling lately. ( click here to link to the book on Amazon.com)

I am only through the first 50 pages, but I feel like author Katrina Kenison is writing my story in the introduction!

Have you ever read a book like that?

The book is written by a mother who is enduring the transitions of her children moving into their teenaged years.  She spent many of the years prior,  when her children were younger, soul searching, trying to find her purpose and joy, and working to follow her heart.

I feel like I am reading about my life- fast forward ten years…

As much as I am loving this book, what I was really inspired by was the concept that the title conveys.

An ordinary day is in fact a gift.

I think about how many times I have taken the daily challenges and joys in my life for granted.

On the days that present unusual hardships, or for those families coping with the unthinkable- what we would give to just have an “ordinary day”.

What does “ordinary” look like after all?

I suppose as we evolve and are presented with new circumstances in our lives, “ordinary” also evolves and looks different.

We move from one “ordinary” to a new “ordinary” as we move forward.

The challenge is to greet each new “ordinary” with open arms, embracing it as if we had chosen it.  Appreciate it; realizing that the next evolution could very well be upon us before we know it.

Today, so far, it has been a delightfully ordinary day.  I have had the opportunity to see my amazing children off to school, was kissed good morning by my equally amazing husband, and visited with a good friend. What the rest of this day holds in store, I don’t know, but I hope it is the usual.

What does your “Ordinary Day” look like? 

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