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I totally left you hanging last week!

In my daze, upset state, I recorded my video.  Then Nothing.

I am coming out of a very LOOONG week and I would say that this quote sums it up…

via pinterest.com

via pinterest.com

I was reminded not only that everything happens for a reason, but about how good and kind people can be.

I think sometimes in our world of convenience and “drive through” everything (including medical care), I sometimes forget that despite how busy doctors can get, that they are people who came to the “table” because they care.

When Brayden became ill on the very day of his appointment (that we had waited 4 months for!), I was told the next opening was April.  Which was true.

What I didn’t account for was that the Doctor and her scheduler were also invested in this appointment happening for my kid.

They rearranged their entire schedule for this morning (including the doctor coming in an hour earlier than her schedule began) to make sure that Brayden was able to complete the educational testing.

Brayden at his "reward" lunch after completing 6 hours of testing!

Brayden at his “reward” lunch after completing 6 hours of testing! ( Yes, that is a piece of Spinach in his mouth…)

It was so refreshing to see such kindness and in the end, by the skin of our nose, we got it done.

Not to mention this is the worst illness Brayden has had in YEARS!  Figures…

She was completely taken with him, telling me not only how smart he is, but what a hard worker and in fact the most amazing combination of persistence, intelligence, and willingness to work she has seen in a child in 10 years!  What a compliment.

It all worked out.  I guess it is hard to remember that tid bit in the moment.

I suppose I will have to stick to hindsight for now.

What kindness have you been the recipient of lately?

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