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"Motherhood": Sculpture at the Catac...

“Motherhood”: Sculpture at the Catacumba Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night, as I sat watching my younger son sleep, I studied all his little features; the slope of his adorable little nose, the fine little hairs the make up his eyebrows, the way his mouth moves with every breath.

In that moment, I wasn’t thinking about how he can drive me insane sometimes with his tantrums, how his “spirited” ways can just about send me over the edge, or how I sometimes just want to run away.

In that moment, I was right where I wanted to be.

I was with my courageous little boy, who once again, was suffering from a migraine that had taken his day away and was now claiming what should have been a peaceful night’s sleep, for both of us.

And as I sat there memorizing every little nuance of his beautiful little face as he slept, what I really wanted was to trade places with him.  To take away his pain.

These are the moments that Motherhood is made of.

My laundry was undone, my house was unkept, and I was wrecked.  In that moment, none of that mattered.

In the stillness of that time, it was all so clear.

Motherhood is not about being perfect.  It is not about how clean our houses are, or how good we look on the outside.

Motherhood is about the moments, be they few and far between, when our children need us to just lay still with them as they sleep.

Those moments when we can put aside the toys on the floor, the times they didn’t listen, the tantrums, and the challenges and just be there with them to ease any little ounce of pain we can.

What have your moments of motherhood looked like?

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