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Well, hello there my friends!

Have you often thought about simplifying your life? 

Do you ever wonder when life got so complex?

I think about this stuff, ALL THE TIME.

I hear about what it was like when my parents were growing up; when food was just food and not filled with chemicals, kids played outside after school, we began reading when we were ready, when we had time to garden or bake bread or eat at the dinner table every night with our families.

Where did those days go? 

Like many, I get caught up in {over}scheduling, {over}committing, and {over}whelming myself constantly.

And then I just shut down.  Completely shut down.

But completely shut down doesn’t mean that I stop doing all the things that I was doing, oh no, it just means that emotionally and physically I am spent.

I continue on, keeping my happy super mom face on, all the while feeling like I am just not “cut out” for this whole super mom thing.

The people in my circle see that I am making the most amazing Paleo cookies ( for real… the link is here thank you Oatmeal with a fork! ), taking both boys to soccer, advocating for my kid at his school, studying for my exam…

But on the inside…. I long to run away.  Run away to the country with my family and spend my days Little House on the Prairie style.

Little House on the Prairie (TV series)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A simpler life.

I do realize however that Nordstrom wasn’t part of life back then, that might be a problem.  Oh and the whole running water thing.  You get my drift.

So I have spent my days over the last several weeks trying to un-schedule, not-commit, and come back to myself with some built in quiet time.

This is my simple pleasure this morning.

This is my simple pleasure this morning. These paleo cookies are amazing and somewhat “guilt free” 🙂

Slowly, very slowly, I can feel myself returning.

Why do we let ourselves get that far before we change something?

How often have you longed to run away to a more simple existence?

 signature Debbie