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I am making a cup of  “calm” tea right now to be able to even take a breath to write this post.

That is how frustrating my last two hours have been.

Last week I was fired up about our education system and how it needs a major overhaul.

This week- our conventional medical system

Will reading your doctor's notes make you heal...

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In an effort to make an appointment to see a doctor, I have now called 2 doctors offices, been transferred 5 times, left 3 messages, and have only spoken to one real living, breathing, person.

When I did get to actually speak with a living, breathing, person, she (of course) couldn’t help me.

She needed to leave a message for the doctor and “call me back”.


Is THIS how we take care of people?

I think medicine at some point was about people;  caring for, helping and treating people.  I think.

When did it get so messed up?

Is it because of insurance? Or because more people are sick? Is it because there are not enough doctors? What is going on?

Dr. Lissa Rankin M.D. talks about this in her book ” Mind over Medicine” and she advocates for a complete reform of the healthcare system.  I totally agree.

After all, healthCARE would imply that there is some care involved right?

Dr. Lissa Rankin M.D. – Thank you for being a pioneer, a visionary.  Your work is so necessary! ( I speak to her as if she is a reader of my blog , do you think she reads blogs written by Inspired moms?)

How many times have you had the same experience as I have this morning?

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