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I have been in a state of deep exploration lately.

I thought I would lighten things up today and share our latest home improvement project {that we will NEVER do again, btw}.

Our new house was built in 1995.

Helllooo dark trim, oak colored cabinets and teal green carpet!

One room at a time, I am hoping to lighten and brighten our new space.

I posted previously about our banquette in the kitchen… we went from this:

13332551_3_0To this:


Next, we decided to tackle the kitchen cabinets…wow that was an undertaking!  But it’s done, despite the headache and the heartache!

From this:

13332551_2_0To this:


Not the best photo, (do you love my disheveled towel hanging on the oven??) but you get the idea!  I had to depict the kitchen in real life 🙂  Quite a change.

I am not sure if I am going to keep the turquoise accent, but for now, it is bright and fun 🙂

I think I am done with home improvement projects for a while…

That’s what I am saying right now 🙂

How have you updated your space lately?

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