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photo via pinterest.com

photo via pinterest.com

Where does your heart reside? 

For me, this is a vast list.

Family, my husband, my kids, my mom, my passion for nutrition, and it goes on and on…

This past weekend, I realized that there was an item on that list that I didn’t acknowledge.

Connecting to my family history.

Having a sense of where you come from.  A sense of true belonging.

For three years, I haven’t stepped foot into a Jewish Temple.

There are a lot of reasons, some good, and some not, but this weekend on the most important day on the Jewish calendar, my family and I joined the Jewish community in Portland for the first time.

If you asked me what it means to be Jewish from the standpoint of belief and religion, I am not really sure.

However if you ask me what being Jewish means for me, I can tell you with absolute clarity.

For me it means belonging.  Seeing the faces of my family in the faces of the people there.  Seeing my childhood with my grandpa, who was a survivor of the holocaust.  Feeling like the part of me that I had forgotten about, had been awakened.

It was so deeply moving to be sitting in the service, hearing the sounds of my childhood and remembering who I was and where I came from.

Sit down and write your list.  Your list of where your heart lives.

Is there anything that you are forgetting about? 

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