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Yesterday my post was about how doing one little thing can get you started on your own non-predestined journey toward {better} health.

How we get so busy that it is overwhelming to think about all the things that we are supposed to be doing to avoid becoming a statistic.

What about our kids?  Or our families?  Or our partners?

Are we supposed to take care of them in this way too?  That can be REALLY overwhelming when it’s hard enough to do it for ourselves.

How can we take the first baby step for them too?

I had a HUGE epiphany (my favorite word, btw…) the other day.

You aren’t going to believe it when I tell you what it was because it seems so lame that it was my aha! moment.

It is so obvious and by far one of the things that we are told all the time.

It’s also one of those things that get pushed aside when the house is a mess, there are appointments to go to, bills to pay, Facebook, and whatever else.

With Maddox starting Kindergarten this week and only being in school half day, we have 4 hours to fill before Brayden arrives home from school.

Usually we do a little homework, eat lunch, and then we clean, fold laundry, run errands and all the daily things that I feel NEED to get done.

The other day, I decided that instead of him playing legos while I did dishes, I was going to get on the floor and play with him.

Lego bricks

Lego bricks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually, when both boys are home, if I try to interject myself into their games, I get met with an astounding ” no mom!  that’s not how it goes! ” Or ” no mom!  that isn’t part of the game!” which is my clear indication that I am just not in the “know” and I then move to do my own thing.

But that day, just Maddox and I, we had a great time.  Maddox was laughing and not once did he ask to play on my phone, or the computer.  Huh.

He had my undivided attention for 30 minutes that day.  He loved it.

Yesterday, that is the first thing he wanted to do.

Duh mom.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to give our children, our partners, our families, 30  minutes of our undivided attention everyday.  No phones, no Facebook, no cleaning.  

That could be the most important baby step we take for our loved one’s toward {better} health. 

Could we avoid them becoming a statistic too?

I really needed a wake up call.  I needed to see how much he needed that from me.

Funny how I make myself crazy trying to do everything to “heal” him- cook gluten free, take him to specialists, and a bunch of other things, which are all great.  Those things are kind of hard.  The one thing, the easiest, simplest thing, was the one thing that was getting lost.

Last night at our back to school night, our principal showed this three minute youtube video.  I thought it was worth putting into the post 🙂

What are the golf balls in your life?
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