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photo via pinterest.com

photo via pinterest.com

Earlier in the week, I wrote a post about choices and how it is about so much more than just food and nutrition.

In a perfect world, we would only eat healthy food, whole food.  We would only eat the food that is nutrient dense and full of all of the things that keep us from getting sick.

I suppose the world isn’t perfect, far from it.


Balance (Photo credit: Summations)

The critics ask-

What about balance? 

What about ” Everything in moderation”? 

Or “Just live a little”? 

Those, to me, are useless phrases designed to provide us with excuses (to be frank and opinionated for a moment…)

Moderation to me might look like a cup of coffee once a week, but to someone else may be the grande mocha frappe instead of the venti,  everyday.    The same could be said for “balance” or “just living”.

So what is a gal (or guy) to do? 

Here is my oversimplified answer, but to me, speaks VOLUMES…

Do what fills your soul, but do it with thought.

English: Cute coffee.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If having the cup of coffee fills your soul for that moment.  Drink it.

When you drink it, ENJOY it.  Every moment of it.

Make that one concession, whatever it may be, and make it enough.  Enough for you to feel fulfilled, recharged and complete.

Bask in the wonderful fullness ( of your soul, emotion, whatever) of that moment and don’t look back.

Then continue on your path.  Your path to health.  Whatever your path looks like.

Find the balance (moderation, life, fill in the blank ) for yourself in each moment and have compassion for yourself and your choices.

Then, and only then will you find it.

How will you find your balance?

signature Debbie