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On the shirttails of yesterdays post about my summer series at Santosha Yoga, I thought I would share this!

In previous posts I have mentioned that Maddox has been taking a yoga class with Imagination Yoga for the past year.  Not only do I LOVE teacher Jamie and Jesse, but the life lessons and skills that they so creatively impart are fantastic.

This past session, Brayden finally opened himself up and found that he LOVED the class too!  The way that Jamie Hopkins (co-founder of Imagination Yoga) inspires the kids to use their imagination while learning the basics of yoga is ingenious.

The other day, the boys and I had some time to kill and I said  “let’s do some yoga!”

Maddox began to demonstrate his yoga moves:

IMG_3127 IMG_3129 IMG_3130 IMG_3131

I was impressed!  He knew the names of the poses – warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle pose, mountain pose.

And then this…

Sun Salutation!!  I had no idea!

What a wonderful gift Imagination Yoga is giving so many children!  Both of my boys cannot wait for Yoga Camp this summer!

My goal for this summer is to try to incorporate Yoga into my daily practice, even if it is just a sun salutation to start the day- what a wonderful thing.

I hope to be as much of a yogi (or is it yogini?) as my kiddos!

What is your goal for the summer?

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