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Good Morning!

Summer has arrived (at least for this week in Portland!) and we have been enjoying our first few days of summer vacation!


As you may remember, I expanded my garden this year (link to blog post here) and we harvested our first batch of veggies the other day.

IMG_3001IMG_3002Kale, cauliflower, golden beets and chives!

We made a huge batch of kale chips ( that were gone in t minus 2 minutes!) and yesterday I made an amazing lunch inspired by a recipe for Raw Beet Salad with Green Olives, Raisins and Chives in the current issue of Natural Health Magazine.

Inspired is a loose term as I didn’t use any olives or raisins, no blue cheese or sugar, but  I rarely think to use beets in recipes raw.  I typically roast the beets and put them with goat cheese, which is amazing, but because of this recipe I shredded those little guys raw!

Debbie’s Raw Shredded Golden Beet Salad

Here is what I did:

Shredded the following in my food processor:

peeled golden beets

red cabbage

onion (only about 1/4 c)


Drizzle flax-seed oil and seasoned rice vinegar on top and mix!

Garnish with half of an avocado and you are done!


It was delicious, filling and so fresh!

I am in week two of Vegan eating and so far so good!  My hay fever is still there, but much better, and my skin has completely cleared up… the experiment continues!

What have you been enjoying from the summer harvest?