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Hello my friends and followers!  

It has been quite the blogging vacation for me, much needed in many ways.

The last couple days have been a complete testament (for me) to the fact that you get what you wish for.

Lately, as I mentioned in my last post many moons ago, I have been feeling like my life is scheduled to the max, busy beyond belief and I felt stuck in my schedule.

I know that my schedule was a result of MY planning, however there are so many things to juggle that not any of them seemed to be things that I could let go.

There is a constant need to balance the things that need to be done (laundry, dishes, housework), the things that you want for your kids (baseball, Taekwondo, yoga, working in the classroom), the things that you do for yourself (school, excercise, time away, blogging), and the things that if you don’t nurture will go away and you will be sad (friendships, marriage).

For me, I got so caught up in trying to do all those things at the same time, that I was so overwhelmed.  To top it all off, I am a total people pleaser and I can’t even imagine letting anyone down.

Am I the only one trying to be everything to everyone?  The supermom that can hold it all together?

Or maybe I am the only one talking about it?

This week proved to me that sometimes when it seems that you can’t figure out how to slow down, or un-commit to the things that you have already committed to, something happens and you HAVE to.

For me, this week, it was at Maddox’s expense.   Enter the going-on-two-days migraine.

I am never thankful for Maddox to have a migraine- clarify that right up front.

But I have not been disappointed to have to cancel my life for a couple days to focus inward, get stuff done around the house, and revisit some of the quiet things that I like to do- blogging.

The good news is that the medication that we were given at the neurologist helped (temporarily) but stopped the 15 hour puking session.  That’s a success.

I want to point out to those of you that understand what I am talking about that when we are overwhelmed and feeling stressed out, our body is reflecting that.

I went to our N.D. wanting to have all of my baseline bloodwork and health panels done and it turns out (as I suspected) that I am in Adrenal Fatigue.  My cortisol and B12 levels were scary low and this is completely not a shock due to the amount of stress I put on myself.

Adrenal fatigue is BAD NEWS and my hunch is that half of the busy moms out there are in the same boat.  Not just moms, but those of us who tend to be “type A”, overachieving etc… you get the point.

The great news is that because of my diet and our lifestyle, I have no inflammation (c-reactive protein panel), no risk for diabetes, my liver and kidneys are functioning awesome, and everything else looked amazing.

That was such a great testament that nutrition, supplements and lifestyle are HUGE when it comes to our health.  Yipee to that!

So I vow to take time out to just be.  To focus on the present (this is wishful thinking, but I am really trying!) and enjoy.  To be aware and grateful of all of the blessings in my life (Brent you are the biggest!).  To blog when I can; to continue to write and keep connected with all of you.  And to make room for white, empty space in my life and recognize how important it is.

Here is a little sneak peak of a bit of catch up from the last month in our lives!


Both boys have their birthdays in May so we took an overnight to the Great Wolf Lodge. So Fun!


The Bethany School Learning Garden is thriving!


Maddox had his EEG and it came back normal!  The diagnosis: Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome and Migraines…  yuck.IMG_3024 The Boys got their green belts at Taekwondo!

IMG_2957 Baseball season began.  I think we have a future catcher!  See the game face?

IMG_2966 Brayden did his jog-a-thon at school.  The Bobcat Blast.IMG_2997 Brent and I got our yellow belts… trying to keep up with the boys!

IMG_2927Maddox turned 5!

This weekend Brayden will be 7!  Proof that time flies way to quickly and we must enjoy!

I hope you liked mini soapbox and snapshot!  I am looking forward to blogging more regularly again!

Have you taken the time to slow down lately?