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Here is the next update on Papa’s projects!

I guess it is time for some spring cleaning and closet organization 🙂

My shoes are always thrown everywhere…

I would like to think it is due to a lack of shoe space…

So the next Papa project was my closet!


We’ll see if this keeps my shoes out of a heap on the floor.

Now since you have seen my shoes in the closet, I have to admit to you that I am a total boot hoarder.  A girl’s gotta have boots in the Northwest 🙂  Those are just my current boots that I have been wearing, what I didn’t photograph is the shelf on the top of the closet that has my other 6 pairs…

I did clean out a bunch of clothes to donate and give my self some room ( mom is in town and that means my clothing multiplies!).  I am hoping it will help the laundry situation ( dream on!).

I will report on the status of my shoe pile in a week or so!

Here is a little preview of the last and final project of the trip ( outside of replacing about 10 lightbulbs!)…


Big one!!  Stay tuned!

Have I inspired you to clean out your closet and get organized yet??