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My parents are in town visiting!

It is so nice to have a handy parent around to do all the things that I have no time to get to!

What a difference it makes when you can have someone get those little projects done that make such a big difference!!

Also nice when mom is the one saying ” what can we have Keith do?  What can he fix?”

I think she might be buying time to shop… no pun intended!  Tee Hee

Here was project number one:

    Maddox’s Closet!


If you look really closely in the photo you can see the original closet rod.  Waaaaaaay up top.

Everyday he would have a mini-meltdown about how he couldn’t reach his shirts and this was his reason for not getting up and brushing his teeth, eating breakfast, and putting on bottoms.

What’s your excuse going to be now kid?

So, thanks to Papa, Maddox has now gained a new level of independence!

Watch out- you should’ve seen his getup this morning 🙂  I wish I wouldn’t snapped a photo!  Maybe tomorrow 🙂

Stay Tuned for the next project!!

Did you work on any projects this past weekend?