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After being on a waiting list for over a year and a half to see a pediatric neurologist, the wait continues…

EEG fragment

EEG fragment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My amazing pediatrician has been so attentive through the process of “triage” at our local children’s hospital and now after us both pushing and pushing to get someone to give us some answers, we are still getting the run around.

This is just CRAZY.

You can imagine my frustration as I call the office to schedule our in-patient video EEG at the urging of my pediatrician who has had no success getting through the (lack of) customer service process. The nurse on the line says ” well, I have to speak to the doctor because there hasn’t been an order put in.” .


The order, by the way, was put in by the doctor over a month ago…

Me: “My pediatrician says that he and the neurologist have been in contact and the test needs to be scheduled within the next two weeks.”

Nurse: “Huh.  Well, I don’t think we have anything open in the next two weeks.”

Me. ” Well, my doctor has been working to try to schedule this for a month and he thought that if we both called it may get done.  My now almost 5-year-old been suffering for over a year and half while we have been sitting on the waiting list”

Nurse: ” Yeah.  I am going to have to call you back after I send the doctor a message.”


What is going on?  I cannot believe that this is how good healthcare is carried out.

It is just so discouraging to be so powerless when it comes to the healthcare of our children.

Good thing for my kid, I am as stubborn as they come.  I am not going to give up until that appointment is scheduled.

Have you had any experiences like this?