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My post is a little late today because my mom came to town!

So in honor of my mom, who is my inspiration, and moms everywhere inspiring each other, I wanted to share the latest from Melinda Kim at Aspirely!

For those of you in Southern California, this would be an amazing event to attend!  The name in itself is worth the trip!

So here it is!

Are you ready to live a life you have imagined?  The biggest part of trying something new is to NOT do it alone!  Come and meet the moms of Aspirely who have been through different life events that propelled them to positive changes.  They are here to help you take action so you too can step forward into the life you have always imagined.

Moms Inspired


An Event By Aspirely




April 26, 2013


11:00am – 1:30pm



Come meet the Aspirely Moms in a Champagne Brunch full of conversation, motivation and connection.


Featured Speaker:

sonjalandis-6_600 Sonja is a mom, author of My Master’s Degree is Useless?, speaker and artist.  Also known as the “Chealsea Handler of Business, Personal Development and Entrepreneurship,”  Sonja Landis helps inspire, uncover and guides people to their true purpose and dreams… then sets them up to make money doing what they love!  For realz! 

For all the details- go to  http://mominspired.eventbrite.com 

Sounds like the title of my life’s book!!

Amazing mom speakers will be presenting their work and insights and it is guaranteed to be a wonderful way to connect to yourself and others in finding your path.

It’s Tuesday, let’s get inspired!