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Good Morning!  As I sit in the rare quiet of this moment, I thought I would take the time to reflect on the question so wonderfully presented to me yesterday by one of my most supportive readers.

Patti- thank you for your question yesterday!  I think sometimes it is so easy just to focus on the next topic, or post, that it is important to remember to really reflect on some things and hover around them for a while.

Here was Patti’s comment:

“That was Awesome Debbie. I’ve been waiting all day to see this :) I think sometimes I am so consumed with “lack of time” and not being able to put 100% into 100 different things, that I forget all that I’ve accomplished just to get here. Love your blog and your topics and now I want the hear how you felt after the interview. What new ideas do you have now? With every new experience comes a new idea to yet be accomplished. Congratulations and keep posting!!”

As for the interview yesterday, it is hard to see myself on camera and I can be my biggest critic.  I think the most overwhelming feeling that I had about it was this thought of “do I belong alongside really awesome women that Melinda has interviewed before me who have written books, and begun amazing businesses?”  

It takes me back to the original conversation that I had with Cindy, my sister-in-law, where I said ” I don’t think I have a story that is interesting.  I am just an average mom, doing everyday stuff”.

Seinfeld (season 1)

When Melinda used the Seinfeld analogy, it brought it all into light.  My goal all along has been to connect.  To give a voice to the woman, the mom, the wife who is just trying to figure it all out.

That is important. Really important.

So when I set aside the part of me who doubts, who questions, the negative voice in my head that we all can let take over sometimes, the interview made me feel like I have succeeded.  

Today I have 100 subscribers to my blog!  That was a personal goal I set a year ago, that I have just achieved.  I have succeeded in making a connection and exposing the reality of what it is like to be trying to just live today and figure it out.

What new ideas do I have now?

Big question!  I feel like I am always thinking up new things, new directions, new ways to stay inspired and live a fulfilled life.

At the current moment, I am really focused on bringing myself into a space where I am mindful and aware.  Making sure that the next steps are based in true passion and not obligation.  Being patient and waiting for the opportunity that makes every part of me feel calm.

The latest example I can give is with my job at Whole Foods.  I really love working there and as of now my seasonal status allows me a ton of flexibility.  A few weeks ago, I was offered a 30 hour a week position working in the specialty department ( which is where I work now).  As much as I love working in that capacity, my heart was saying no while my head was saying it would be guaranteed income for my family.

In the end, I realized that the part of me that was saying no was the important part.  I needed to wait.  As much as the income would be great, I needed to wait until I could really embark on my path.  A path that would make me full, focus on my passion for nutrition, and put me exactly where I want to be.

You know how so many people talk about “inner voice”?  That little voice that gives us guidance that we often times ignore?  Yes.

So I guess my new idea is not to have an idea at all!  

Just continuing on, trying to hear my inner voice and do what I love.  I am hoping in the process to find a way to combine all of those things to make a career built on passion and fulfillment.

Thank you again Patti, for your support, your insights and great questions!

What were your thoughts on the interview?  Did it bring you any new ideas?  I would love to hear!!