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I have had the pleasure of getting to have a few great conversations with Melinda Kim, founder of Aspirely and Aspirely TV.

Melinda, like myself, is a mother of two and a woman who really felt like she had a purpose to inspire and reach out to others.

I was flattered when Melinda asked me if I would be willing to be the subject of an interview to be featured on her youtube channel Aspirely TV.

Last week, we connected via google+ ( kinda awesome!!) and I am looking forward to sharing our interview a little later this week!

At the end of our conversation ( I wont give away what we chatted about, you will have to watch!), she asked me why I aspire.

Quite simply, the first thing that came to my mind was ” because I am worth it, and my family deserves it.”

I hadn’t had time to prepare for the question, and truly it was the first thing to pop into my mind.

Sometimes the first things that come to mind are the most truthful.

At what point do we decide that everyone and everything else is worth our attention, emotion, devotion, and we are not?

It is neither selfish, nor egotistical to simply live in a way that says ” I am worth it.”

I think sometimes we get caught up in feeling like in order to be the best wife, the best mom, the best employee, the best anything- that it translates to having to neglect ourselves.

photo via pinterest.com

photo via pinterest.com

I think it is absolutely the opposite.

What your family, your employer, your husband, your children, your parents deserve is a wife, mother ( interject all the other roles!) that is whole and fulfilled and lives in a way that exhibits worth.

For me, I exhibit my worth by going to school to educate myself on a subject that I am passionate about, constantly looking within myself to acknowledge my emotions ( even though they are quite the roller coaster sometimes!), and putting good things into my body.

Like everything, it is so easy to lose perspective on this.  It is about a constant dialogue with yourself, constant reminders that you are worth it, and remembering that you will be your best, if you feel that you deserve the best.

Thank you Melinda, for being my reminder!

How can you begin ( or continue )TODAY, to live in a way that exhibits your worth?  What does it look like for you?