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The Daffodils are popping up everywhere!

It is crazy how these little beauties are just in bloom… they are by far my favorite.


I actually took this photo on my iPhone… I think I may have found my new talent!

That was just a side note…

speaking of weeds…

Have you ever seen Dandelions in your yard?  You can totally eat those!!


I don’t know if I would actually eat the weeds right out of my yard, but theoretically I could…

My second new veggie thing of the week was…you guessed it- Dandelions greens.


Dandelion (Photo credit: golbenge (골뱅이))

According to Rebecca Wood in “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia” (which is an amazing resource, btw!)

” Dandelion, both root and leaves , is a remarkable bitter tonic for the spleen, stomach, kidneys and liver.”

Dandelion has double the amount of iron and calcium than broccoli and is high in Vitamin A and C.  It also boasts an excellent amount of potassium.

It is used to treat a variety of conditions such as jaundice, gout, cirrhosis, eczema and acne.  Dandelion is used as a preventative and treatment for breast and lung tumors and premenstrual bloating.

Whew!  Who knew those ugly little weeds could be so wonderful??  I had no idea.

I just found them at Whole Foods in the produce section and grabbed them! Then I did my research… awesome indeed.

I prepared them by following this recipe.


I wish I could say that I loved them.

They were really bitter…  I thought that by cooking them they would be less bitter than just having them raw as a salad green, but wow.

I am not sure that they would be part of my everyday repertoire, but I am quite impressed by the scope of their nutritional value and preventative and treatment purposes.

I am definitely going to tuck these little weeds into my mental Rolodex for the future!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to type a little blog post and it feels impossible?  The dog needs your attention, your kid is hanging on you and chatting about EVERYTHING in your ear, the questions just keep coming??

Yeah… that is me RIGHT NOW.

I leave you with this- Dandelion greens are good for you!  They don’t taste good, but sometimes you have to sacrifice a little for such good for you stuff.

Whew. Did it.

Happy Thursday!