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Good Morning!  Happy Monday!

I had plans of sharing my veggie challenge with you this morning and all this week.

But, I just have to share this find!

Several weeks ago, I was chatting with another mom while watching the boys do Taekwondo.IMG_2595IMG_2594

Just had to throw in a couple of photos of the cuties doing their kicks!  Awww….

On with the loong drawn out story…

So I was chatting with another mom about how it would be about right that of all families, we don’t have vision insurance…  I know right?

Three glasses wearers in our family!

She told me about Coastal.com

She said that she has gotten her contact lenses online for a while and that when you order glasses, the first pair is free…

I thought for sure that the glasses were going to be totally 1980’s ( which is kinda coming back into fashion right now…) and lame.

But to my surprise, they are awesome!

I ordered my first pair for $12… the cost of shipping.

They arrived and they are cute!  I have gotten so many compliments!  They fit, they are the right prescription and I am still kind of in shock.


There they are!

So now, they have me hooked.

I really believe that glasses are like shoes and purses…

Stay with me here people…

If you have to wear them on your face, they have to be cute and they have to be considered accessories.  Right?

A gal has gotta have a few pairs to mix things up!  I’ve gotta have my basic pair ( shown above…), a funky pair (ordered this morning…), and maybe a black pair to match my black boots??

This morning, I ordered my second pair.  On sale for $29!  Free shipping if you enter freeship13, and voila!

Considering the fact that I just paid about $300 for Brayden’s new specs, I don’t feel that bad spending a total of $41 on two pair for myself 🙂

What a steal!  I have been paying a fortune for glasses for years, so this is fabulous!  Now this girl can appropriately accessorize without the guilt of having to spend a ton of money…whew.  I know you were all worried about my ability to effectively accessorize myself!

I haven’t tried it yet for the kids glasses, but you know that is coming next!

What steals have you found lately??