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I have discovered that there are so many guilt-free goodies out there!

Pinterest is awesome for this kind of stuff, you can find everything, and I mean EVERYTHING on Pinterest!

I saw this photo of a delicious looking little lemon cookie the other day and decided that was going to be my next cookie treat.

Then, when I looked at the recipe, I found out it was a raw, vegan, guilt-free tasty delish! (there’s my new word again!)

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This recipe comes to you from Addicted to Veggies ( love that name!) and is just yummy!   I did the option where I baked them on the lowest oven setting to make the outside a little dry and the inside soft, and they are so refreshing and good.

I used fresh lemon juice and I think it gave it so much flavor!

Here is the recipe for Coconut-Lemon Meltaways !


Have you discovered any new guilt-less goodie recipes lately?