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Good Morning Everyone!  Back in business here!

I attempted to make a couple changes behind the scenes with my web hosting and realized two things:

1. I am a little challenged in the area of web technology.  I thought I was pretty good at this stuff… nope.

2. It was just fine as it was.

So… carry on!

Have you all heard of Neti Pot’s?

Let me introduce you to this little beauty…

heck yea i do the neti pot

This photo isn’t me, btw.  It kind of looks like it could be though!  I digress.

Back to the Neti… I think it is an awesome little pot to know about.

Here is why…  ( I’m gonna get all scientific on ya right now, watch out!)

Let me cite this- “Clinical study and literature review of nasal irrigation”.

Tomooka LT, Murphy C, Davidson TM.  Source: School of Medicine, University of California San Diego, USA.

“Patients who used nasal irrigation for the treatment of sinonasal disease experienced statistically significant improvements in 23 of the 30 nasal symptoms queried. Improvement was also measured in the global assessment of health status using the Quality of Well-Being scale.”


” Nasal irrigation is effective in improving symptoms and the health status of patients with sinonasal disease.”

Time and time again, research has shown that nasal irrigation ( or using the neti pot) can not only help in the prevention of sinus problems and other illness, but resolve symptoms as well.

All it takes is a little warm water ( I use filtered water and a lot of sources suggest boiling the water first), salt, and sometimes some baking soda or ghee and you are set.  I add a little ghee because of my Pitta Dosha, my Ayurvedic type and that has been working well for me!

Click here for instructions from Webmd.com!

**Minor word of warning from experience- If you don’t put enough salt in the water… oh my!  Burning!  And if your water is warmer than body temperature… also ouch!  But otherwise, the Neti is great!

Added bonus: The boys find it hilarious when they see the water streaming from one side of my nose out the other…

Have you used the Neti Pot?