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Rodeo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was raised in Los Angeles, and until I moved to San Luis Obispo, California, I had never seen a rodeo, let alone a real live cowboy.

My friends Sarah and Carin can attest to my first real rodeo experience and the fact that it was quite a disaster!

I was literally cheering for the little calves who were being chased by the big horses and then wrapped up in a rope and yanked from one end to the other.

You can see me now, right?  The city slicker cheering for the calves… true story.

Flash forward twelve years and I am back in the city.

Funny part is, I consider myself to be more of a country girl.  Sometimes this big city stuff like traffic and shopping can be so overwhelming for me… Isn’t it funny how quickly we can become acculturated?

Even more hilarious is the fact that my little boys are such cowboys…


I like to tease Brent ( who grew up totally country…) that he is my “urban cowboy”, the cowboy of my dreams… but I can’t get him to wear wranglers!  Ha!

So of course every year when the Professional Bull Riders come to Portland, we are there; hats, boots and all!

IMG_2854[1]We went to the PBR last weekend and it was a highlight.


Just a little reminder of home.  Some good ol’ bull riding.

So great to take a little break from everything to go do something special on a weekend as a family.


We cheered, we danced in the aisles, and this girl is now cheering for the cowboys instead of the bulls!

Good Times.

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl!!

Do you have something special planned for your weekend?