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I made a committment to myself a long time ago that I was going to listen to my instincts when I got a message loud and clear.

I can honestly say that yesterday was the first time that I really followed through on my promise.

Now that’s progress in the forward direction!!

Monday night, I had the most bizarre dreams.

I typically don’t dream in vivid color, but these dreams were no doubt, vivid.


To sum up the dream, my family and I were wandering the streets of the city that had been wiped out by some type of disaster… it was like an episode of that show Revolution where there was no electricity and everything was just dark and weird.

Dream analytics might say something else, but I took my dream to mean it was time to get prepared and not just talk about it.

About a year ago, I heard about food storage.  Maybe I was really late to the party, but I had no idea that you could order freeze-dried emergency food kits that would last you 1 month, 6 months, one year, etc…

We have been talking about what a great idea it would be to have a supply of food in case of emergency, but until my dream, it was just a great idea.

I finally did it. 

I went online and ordered the beginning of our food storage supply!  It seems like Augason Farms is the leader in this arena, and their products are widely available.

I ordered two 30 day emergency kits and a 55 gallon water storage barrel… whoop whoop!  I found the best deal to be at Wal-Mart and you get free shipping!

photo via augasonfarms.com

photo via augasonfarms.com

We figure we will start with a two-week supply for our family of four, and then build upon that.

The shelf life of this stuff is like 20 years!  The water lasts for 4 years with purification tablets… good stuff!

I guess if we have no food and water, I will be ok with it not all being organic and pure huh? 

Are you prepared?  What do you have for emergency food and water in case of emergency?