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I think I always have the goal of being mindful in everything I do.

I want to be mindful in every action, decision, and moment for gratitude and appreciation.

A yoga concept, no doubt.

It wasn’t until last week, that I realized how completely not mindful I am when it comes to eating.

After every class I take each month, we have to do a food therapy treatment, on ourselves.  This way, when we are working with others, we can know first hand how it feels to make dietary and/or lifestyle changes.   It is really awesome, actually.

Last week, I decided that I was going to do a green vegetable cleanse.

Essentially, I began with a mono-diet of mung beans and rice (which got OLD really fast!) and gradually moved into only green vegetables.

I was going to continue the diet for as long as I could comfortably tolerate it with the goal of reducing inflammation and inflammatory skin conditions ( mine are skin rash and acne…).

I made it for 5 days exclusively…

I have now moved into doing about half my food green veggies and the rest my normal stuff.

I think the biggest lesson I learned through it all was how many things I just put in my mouth, without thinking.

How easy is it to just grab something and pop it into your mouth? 

Raw chocolate hearts

Raw chocolate hearts (Photo credit: Raoul Pop)

It was Valentines Day week and I caught myself countless times reaching for a piece of chocolate, or a piece of apple.  All without the slightest bit of awareness.  Wow.

There are so many of us out there that struggle with emotional eating, weight issues, and a host of other food related challenges, and mindfulness my friends, is the first step.

I can say with certainty, that when we become aware of what we are eating, we become enlightened about what our real challenges are. 

Are we eating because we are bored?  Or upset? Or sad? Or lonely? 

And when we choose to eat something, do we eat it with purpose and really enjoy it? 

When you go to see a Nutritional Professional, the first thing they will do is ask you to write all your food down in a food diary.  Some feel like this is just crazy talk.  How could we possibly take the time and effort to write down every little thing that goes into our mouth?

It is not about making you crazy, it is about making you aware. 

And when you are aware, change can begin to happen.

For me, the challenge is food.  But this concept can apply to anything, really, it can.

All this for a Tuesday!  I know!

I would like to encourage you to begin to conquer a challenge in your life by becoming mindful…

What challenge are you going to bring into your complete awareness?