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Good Morning!  Happy Monday!


photo by Klarrisa via http://www.stock.xchng.com

As I sit here, it is 8:45am and I have just emerged to begin my day.  The boys as well,  have just gotten out of bed and we are all just hanging.

It is about 3 hours later than I usually begin my day and by this time on any weekday, we would have been up, dressed, eaten breakfast, rushed out the door and arrived at school.

Research has shown that keeping a routine is the best thing for our health.  We should really go to sleep and wake at the same time everyday and for most kids, having a predictable routine is good for not only physical, but emotional health.

Although I can completely see how important it is to keep a routine, isn’t it wonderful to have a day just to reset?

I love it when we have a day off and we can just hang out at home, get stuff done and take a break from our routine.

There has got to be some health benefits to that as well right?

So many times, I have heard other parents say that they dread the school vacations or days off, that they can’t wait to get the kids back to school and into their routine.

I  love the time off.

Maybe it is me that needs a break from the routine!

What do you do to reset on a day off?