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Another important lesson that I have learned since being a parent ( there is lots of learning in parenting I guess…) is this:


photo by vancity 197 via stock.xchng.com

Mom knows best.

There have been several major instances over the course of the last 6, almost 7 (yikes!) years where I have absolutely known something about my kid(s).

  • The first time it was my almost three-year old not being able to speak in a way that people could understand.  Holding off the first consonant of several words.
  • The second time it was my 18 month old baby acting like a dizzy drunk.
  • The latest instance has been seeing my son have some major reading challenges when we have been working on this since the moment he was born.

In every instance, the “expert” minimized my concerns and told me to “relax”.

I am here to tell you, my sweet friends and readers, that in each instance ( the latest I am still working on, so tbd), I knew my child best, and I knew something was going on.

And, I was right.

It is frustrating when someone who is an “expert” (i.e. pediatrician, educator, therapist) tells you that everything is ok and you just need to relax and enjoy your child.

Then the mom in you just keeps nudging, saying something just isn’t right.

Always listen to your yourself.

This applies in any case, whether you are a parent or not.

Advocate for yourself, advocate for your child.  If you know that something needs to be looked at, keep pushing and don’t let it go.

The professionals are busy.  They are overloaded and overworked.  They are operating within a budget structure, a corporate structure or other structure that is forcing them to focus less on what is really important.  What is really important is you, your child, and the knowledge that you have that something may not be right.

I think sometimes our intuition (or whatever you attribute it to- instincts, God, etc…) are our insights to truth.  They can get misinterpreted in the busy world as over-involvement or unneccessary worry.  In the best case scenario, that would be great.  We don’t want anything to be wrong…

To finish my rant on the subject, here is the bottom line.

You know yourself, you know your child.  No one else knows like you do.


Have you ever had an experience where you knew you were right and you had to fight for it?