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Just doin’ the laundry…one load at a time.

I think this is a metaphor for life.

If I ever write a book, this might just be the title…

As I was doing my mounds and heaps and heaps and mounds of laundry today, I got to thinking ( watch out!).


Laundry (Photo credit: Average Jane)

Life is like laundry.

1. I doesn’t matter how fancy your machine is, how old it is, whether it is the top of the line front loader or the old school top loader, they all get the clothes clean.

2. Once you finally get to the point when you feel you may just be done folding, you open the dryer and there is another load in there dry and ready to be folded.

3. No matter how good you are at keeping up with it, it is always there waiting for you.

4. Just when you have folded that last piece of laundry and all the baskets are empty, your husband and kids come home with stinky gym clothes, taekwondo uniforms, and mud stained pants to throw in the hamper…

Kinda like life.

  • No matter what our individual circumstances are, we all have our “stuff”.  We all have that in common.  We can support each other knowing that even if our circumstances are different, we can find comfort in knowing that we are the same in so many ways.
  • Just when you feel like you might have it all figured out, worked out or situated, there is always something left that you need to address.  Just like laundry, take it one day (or load) at a time and keep putting it in the closet.  Before you know it, you will be completely at peace with the load sitting in the dryer and will get to them when you can.  After all, it is just laundry (or so the metaphor goes!).
  • Even if you are the most in touch with yourself or the best communicator, we always have unfinished business, unresolved pain, or something we are not dealing with.  That being said, it is our life experiences that shape us and make us the amazing people that we are.  So take it, own it and love every part of yourself!
  • Last but not least, when we get through one hard time or uncertain time, there is always something else right around the corner (not necessarily hard or bad, but just something).  Or when one door closes, another door opens… that’s a great thing!  Don’t look back, move forward knowing that each decision and each part of your life opens you up to new experiences and new chapters.    


All that contemplation while doing laundry!

Wow… you can tell I had a LOT of laundry to fold!

Fold on, my friends, with confidence and joy!

What is your metaphor for life?