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Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

As you may have already figured out, every weekend that I attend one of my classes, I have some type of Aha! moment ( Aha! coined by Oprah, of course…).And of course, how could I have an Aha! moment without sharing?

So here is my Aha! of the weekend…

And to go on and on, I guess it’s not really technically an Aha!, but more like an ultimate realization that just makes so much sense…

The weekend’s class was 14 hours of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the ancient medical healing system of India, ” the science of life”.

The Aha! is that it is truly a medical science, but for life.

It not only encompasses ways of dealing with symptoms, but most importantly ways to live life in a healthy way, feeling good.  Lifelong prevention begins from the very beginning of life so that individuals can feel good as they live.


A medical science that focuses on healthy living as opposed to just managing disease and symptoms as they arise? 

I love that.

How did we get so far from that here in America?

The Vedic four life goals are these:

1. Dharma- individual path, purpose, duty, justice

2. Artha- acquiring possessions (this refers to consciously acquiring possessions without attachment.  possessions that you don’t carry with you as a “weight”)

3. Kama- pleasure ( as in Kama Sutra…you get the idea?)

4. Moksha- liberation

Nowhere in the goals does it state: manage your diabetes and heart disease, or go to work and overwhelm yourself with stress and craziness…


Balance (Photo credit: henrikj)

Ayurveda is about balance, harmony, physical health, mental health and spiritual health.

It seems to me that our medical science should take a few lessons from the ancient wisdom, in my quiet opinion ( ha! no quiet opinions here…)

Although our lives cannot necessarily fit completely into the Ayurvedic lifestyle, I think there are definitely a lot of ways that we can incorporate this ancient healing system into our lives…

I will leave you with that for your Monday morning, but more to come this week!!

What are your thoughts?