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pretty lattes from Oxbow Pubic Market Napa, CA

pretty lattes from Oxbow Public Market Napa, CA

Aren’t those pretty lattes?  I just thought they were nice for Friday, but that’s not the Funk…

I have always been a hair person…

I really think that changing your hair can make you feel like a totally different person for a somewhat low price tag.  If it is not great, it is just hair.

That brings me to the Funky Factor.

As I approach my 36th birthday (only about a month away…) I get this overwhelming feeling that I have to step up the fun.  Not that being 36 or closer to 40 means you are boring, but this year I will officially be closer to 40 than 30!

I have been doing my own hair for a while as a way to cut cost (let’s face it, it isn’t cheap to go to the salon once a month, which is how often my major grey’s need to be touched up!).

My hair had been suffering from a serious case of the blues…

121103BVCHNICHOLSD_026-1 - Copy

Nice, but super snooze… conservative and boring…

I figure that while I am home with the kiddos, I can be funky when it comes to my hair right?  This is who I am…

So I marched into Chloe ( my very awesome hairdresser!) and said this:

” I need to get some funky style, or I need you to just chop it all off…”

We got to chatting about some styles that I thought would fit the bill, and…

iphone February 2013 073Funny expression on my face… but it’s a funky hairdo!

iphone February 2013 076Got some crazy highlights too….

It’s funny how changing your hair style can make you feel refreshed and fun again.  I was really in a rut and had no idea… I feel so much more like myself again now that I have a little style.

I think some of my friends that have only known me since my move to Portland thought that I was beginning my “mid-life crisis” or one friend said that they were worried that I might start going to punk rock shows…

The only me they have known is the me that lacked a funky style.

So, here I am.  I am Baaaaack!  And it feels good….

What do you do that makes you feel funky and fresh and like yourself?