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What began as a trip to the fair and a little game of ” throw the ball into the fishbowl” has now turned into ” The Nichols Family Fish Farm”.

Last summer, we decided to let Brayden play to win a goldfish at the Washington County Fair… Meet Gilly

fishies 010Hellloooo Gilly!

Gilly needed a friend, so the bottom feeder Cory Catfish joined the crew…  that would be Tom.

Well, according to the gal at the pet store, Catfish are “school fish” and need company of their own kind.  So a month later, Tim the catfish joined the crew…

fishies 011Hellooo Tim and Tom!

Now, originally Gilly had a buddy named Gil.  Gil passed away shortly after coming home and was replaced with Zippy.   Zippy held strong until a few days ago 😦

Helllooooo  Fasty…

fishies 009That makes four fishies for Brayden.

You know how it is being a little brother and wanting everything your big brother has…

We agreed to let Maddox give responsibility a try and get a single fighting beta fish.

fishies 006Helloooo Cardinal!  Hard to see him, but he is smiling for the camera.

Then Christmas rolled along and Brayden wanted to get his little brother another fish since he had been doing such a great job being Cardinal’s caretaker.

Enter Swipe… ( you see where this is going, yes?  The major snowball)

And Swipe needed a friend too.

fishies 004Helllooo Swipe and Ben!

As you can see, we now have a gang of seven ( yes seven!) fishies!

The boys have been doing a great job caring for them all on their own and I feel like it has been a great introduction for responsibility.  Brayden has purchased three of the fish with his own money that he saved.

Now for them keeping their rooms clean? 

Dream on mama.

What kind of farm do you have at your house?