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Yesterday’s post marked my 150th post on amominspired.com!   Wow.

Just thought I would share that this morning….

liebster-blog-awardAfter last weeks nomination for the Liebster Blog Award ( thank you again Dr. Sayers!), I have been really putting a lot of thought into my nominations.

Here is the conclusion that I have come to.

I want to be genuine.

I follow several blogs that I really love.  I have recently begun to follow a couple more, but for the most part, I am reading the same great blogs that I have been reading for a while now.

Last February, I nominated 5 blogs that I thought deserved recognition (see my post here!).   My nominations back then were based on the fact that I read the blogs regularly and really knew the content and felt connected to them.  I still stand by that.

I know that there are so many terrific people out there blogging about really important and wonderful things.  I know that there are talented writers that write about home, family, business, and culture that I would LOVE to read on a regular basis.

The truth is, I haven’t found the space in my world to fit all the blog reading in that I would like.

I wouldn’t feel right just finding random blogs that I haven’t read and nominating them, just to nominate them.

So I thought I would spread my nominations out over the course of time…  ( I am bending the rules a bit… I can be such a rebel sometimes)

As I find a new blog that fits the criteria for the Liebster Blog Award, that I have been reading and love,  I will let you know and share it here!

Now for my first nomination:

photo via three teaspoons a day: http://www.threeteaspoonsaday.com

These three ladies have recently busted out on the blogging scene and they are making waves!  They have designed an incredible blog that covers so many topics, I can’t wait to see what they do.  Their posts are inviting and in the last month they have busted out multiple daily posts!  They are captivating and fun and although new to cyberspace in this way, deserve recognition! See their blog here!

My second nomination:

This one comes from the heart.  My old friend ( not old like old age, but old like we have been friends for ages!!!) Harriet has begun blogging and she is putting it all out there.  I truly admire her for her passion, who she is, and how she is making sense of life through experience, love, and loss.  I would like to nominate her to encourage her to keep writing, keep sharing, knowing that she will inspire many more people than she already has.  Her blog is here.   One of the greatest parts of having my blog is getting to reconnect with those that I have lost touch with over the years.

There you have it for this Tuesday (it is Tuesday right?)!  Post number 151 and counting!

Thank you my readers, friends, family for making this such a fun adventure!