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With Brayden’s newfound inspiration for reading and books, I have been on a book acquisition kick.

That sounded kinda fancy and technical huh??  Book acquisition….

For me, I love to borrow books from the library, but there is just something about them being mine to reference have to lend to someone else that I just like.  So, in general, especially with nutrition books, I want to buy them, ya know?

Anywho, in the last couple weeks I have realized that I don’t have to pay super high prices for books!  Yipee!!!  I have discovered a few ways to save a significant amount of money of book buying and increase my collection tremendously!

I thought I would share to enlighten you, although my hunch on this one is that I might be one of the last people to realize this…

On one of our library dates, Brayden and I discovered that they had a little section with large signs that said “Book Sale”.  Huh…

books 001

We found a ton of great books for $1 and $2!  Over the last two visits, we have acquired at least ten new books!

Even some Magic Tree House books that we didn’t already have…

Who knew?

I also discovered that on Amazon you can opt to buy the used copies of books and sometimes they cost less than $1.  Then you just pay $3.99 for shipping, and the book is yours.  I found this to be a good method when I am looking for a specific title.

books 002I am adding to my library of reference books as well!

My last little tid bit for book buying is the Goodwill.  I checked out their selection yesterday and they had quite a bit of books.  The great part was that they had them all organized by type, so it was easy to browse.

For the books I was interested in, they weren’t the total bargain basement, but still a lot more affordable than buying them all brand new.

Just thought I would share this Friday morning!

What are your money-saving tips when it comes to buying books?