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Brayden and I take a trip to the library every week.

Last week I picked up a Vegetarian Times magazine to bring home and browse.  (btw- it’s been about two weeks since I have had any meat…)

There was a yummy looking granola recipe that I decided to try.  I loved it because it made plain brown rice cakes delish (that’s hard to do!).

photo: vegetarian times

photo: vegetarian times

Mine didn’t come out that pretty, but it was really tasty and quick!

Of course, I had to substitute some ingredients because I didn’t have everything, but this is the type of recipe that you can really vary and have it still be good.

granola 011I couldn’t find quinoa flakes, so I used gluten-free rolled oats.  Then I added goji berries ( terrific antioxidants and golden if the price is indicative!), apricots, pumpkin seeds and almonds.  The almonds were the only thing that was  part of the original recipe besides the rice cakes!

The key to the recipe was the mixture of honey, butter and oil ( I used olive oil…) to make it a little sweet and stick together.

granola 007The recipe says to bake for 10 minutes, mine needed 20.

But, just like that- Granola!

granola 014 I didn’t end up adding almond milk, just munched on it this morning like a snack mix!

Here is the recipe online from Vegetarian Times!

How do you spice up plain ol’ brown rice cakes?