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Thank you so much to Dr. Sayers who has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award!


Dr. Sayers writes a great blog called What Kids Want Us To Know, which is a fabulous blog that gives children a voice.  Parenting lessons are being taught based on things that Dr. Sayers’ child clients have expressed to her in her practice.

Dr. Sayers I am honored to be nominated and Thank You!!

Here is how this works…

First, I have to answer 5 questions posed by Dr. Sayers. Then, I have to nominate 5 blogs I really like for the award, and those 5 blogs should have under 200 followers. Finally, I have to pose 5 questions for my nominees to answer.

It will take me a little while to compile my nominees and questions, but I thought I would get started by answering the questions Dr. Sayers posted for me!

1. Assuming you are a reader as well as a writer, name two of your favorite protagonists, one male and one female.

I am indeed a reader, ( not sure I would call myself a writer yet!) but these days my reading has been centered around my classes in nutrition and my interest in holistic nutrition and herbs.  So the protagonists in my recent reading that are my favorite would probably be Vitamin D ( yay for Vitamin D!), and Ayurvedic remedies!  Silly right??

2. What has been the (or one of the) most rewarding experience related to writing your blog?

The most rewarding experience relating to my blog has most definitely been the connection that I have made with so many people.  It has been so inspiring for me to share ideas and things that I have learned with readers and get so many new ideas from you.

3. What is your favorite post in your own blog (or post that makes you proudest)?

I think the post that makes me the most proud is the post I did recently around the New Year.  The realization of how much growth and knowledge that have happened over the last year is something that I would not have acknowledged if not for amominspired.

4. What are some things you do besides blogging?

I love to cook, shop (therapeutically, and for necessities…), read ( mostly self-help books, currently I am reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell), and do Taekwondo ( where did that come from?  I know!).

5. If you had to give an acceptance speech for the Liebster award in front of a live audience, who would you thank and what would you wear?

I would most definitely thank:

my mom– for being my inspiration always and still

my husband– for just being himself and for being so supportive of me no matter what

my kids– for being the most amazing little people in the world

Cindy- for encouraging me to begin this journey and convincing me that I have something to say that people would be interested in hearing.

I would wear my new Frye boots ( in route to me as we speak!!!!  Wahoo!!!) and who cares about the rest when you have great boots??    In my mind it would be the perfect cute sweater dress in just the right color and fit with cute leggings or something and then of course the boots!!

Stay tuned for my nominees and questions!!