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One thing that I have been hearing a lot of buzz about in my classes and more recently has been the probiotic benefit of fermented foods.

via stock.xchng.comby kristajo

via stock.xchng.com
by kristajo
Pots of fermented vegetables sit behind a traditional wall. Shot in South Korea.

Who knew?  Not me.  But now I know.

What I am talking about is sauerkraut and Kimchi… ( I know, wine, beer and aged cheese are fermented too!!) I had no idea of the tremendous health benefits of this stinky stuff (which I love, by the way!).

I started to look into it after a good friend told me about Curious Farm, here in Portland.  They sell their products in a few local markets here around town.

I cannot wait to go check it out and maybe take some classes!  The farm makes various types of awesome fermented foods that come direct from their farm… so awesome!

via stock.xchng.com  by jthie

via stock.xchng.com by jthie

Here is an excerpt from Mark Sisson author of The Primal Blueprint from one of his articles on his blog: Mark’s Daily Apple

” For one, fermented foods introduce helpful probiotics to our guts. There are tons of possible benefits to adding probiotics (whether by supplement or by fermented foods like dairy) to your body, including protection from colon cancer, relief from lactose intolerance and rotavirus diarrhea, reduction in children’s cavities (more vindication for Weston Price), and prevention of reoccurrences of inflammatory bowel disease. The vitamins (like K2) in fermented foods like kefir become more plentiful or more concentrated (either by breaking down the food or by virtue of the bacteria outputting more nutrients), and more bioavailable. Also, the improved digestion that accompanies a healthier gut means more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are absorbed (and if you’re eating a usually phytate-rich food, the fermentation can really break down the mineral-binding phytates), thus allowing even better absorption.”

(Read the whole article here)

Curious Farm has listed several links to articles as well.  ( here )

What are your favorite fermented foods?