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Every moment that passes, is a moment that we cannot get back.

I know I have talked so much about living in the present and really enjoying and appreciating what I have now and I had a chance to really do that this past weekend.

Sunday morning, I had the best time with Brayden and enjoyed every moment.

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We have instituted a system in our house where the boys get a “good listener award” or a “not so good listener mark”.

This came from me being so tired of repeating myself ALL THE TIME and essentially having to ask the boys to do something at least 4 times before it actually got done.

So now, I say it once, they get three minutes and if it doesn’t happen they get a “not so good listener” mark.  If it gets done, a “good listener award” mark is added to their board.

Simple.  ( and it works!  Who knew??)

Anywho… when the boys get a certain number of marks, (we have devised a system where the “not so good” marks take away 2 of the good ones) they get a small reward.

Brayden got all his marks this past week and he choice was a date with mom… awwwww.

I was so thrilled that was his choice!  Sweet Boy.

So, we had a special breakfast date, just Boo and I.

I took him to Slappy Cakes in Portland.  It is a restaurant where each table has a griddle and you get to cook your own pancakes!   They had gluten-free batter and then you get to choose a bunch of additions and/or toppings from a long list…

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Brayden chose white chocolate chips, and whipped cream.  I chose shredded coconut and lemon curd.  Yum.

And hot chocolate for Boo to drink (of course!).  It was a special occasion…

We had a great time and got outta there for about $20.

What a time to cherish…

I think it will become a tradition.  Brayden had so much fun, now Maddox wants to do the same when he gets his turn!

Bribe the kids with make-your-own pancake restaurants, that’s my tactic 🙂

What do you do to celebrate small accomplishments?