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Every weekend that I have my class, I come away with a ton of valuable information.  Usually buried in the mound of awesomeness, is one or two tid bits that I just have to share right away.   A take home message that makes so much sense to me that I must put it out there.

The first weekend it was the importance of Vitamin D. (see the vitamin D council for info)

The second weekend it was supplements. (see “back in the game” post)

The third weekend was waayyy over my head and left me completely brain-dead…

Which leads me to this past weekend…

The Allergenic Load Theory.

via La Crosse Allergy

via La Crosse Allergy

Basically, the theory states that we all have an allergic threshold.  Once our “allergenic load” reaches that threshold, we begin to exhibit symptoms that can vary from skin irritation, to dark circles under the eyes, to hay fever and an exhaustive list of others.

If we can lower our allergenic load by changing the things we can control ( ie diet, lifestyle and household toxins) then we can essentially eliminate our symptoms and take the load off of our bodies.

Crazy!!  This makes so much sense to me!

This was the biggest take-home message for me this weekend.

There are two things that I love about this concept:

1. There are things that we can control!  ( this is the control freak in me!)

2. It is individual for each person as we all have our own threshold.

Obviously, there are things like environmental toxins and pollutants that we cannot control, but if we focus on the things that we can impact, we can significantly change our quality of life.

How Fabulous!

So, here are a three things that I learned about how to make some changes…

1. Diet is key.  We can identify our food intolerance through a variety of ways.  One way is doing a challenge diet ( link here).  There are also tests that you can have done that can be costly, but very accurate: ELISA testing, and VEGA testing.

2. Dr. Bronners Soap is magical (apparently).  Completely non-toxic and can be used for cleaning your counters, your body, your hair, your floors, and your laundry… what??  I know!  It’s even called “magic soap”.  I ran out and bought some yesterday at Whole Foods ( of course!).

Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp PEPPERMINT PURE CAS...

Also plastics are a big NO!  Even the BPA free supposedly are just no good.  Glass is good and to eliminate plastics wherever you can is the best.

See the Environmental Working Group’s website for more information on eliminating toxins and cosmetic products that are a thumbs up…

3.  Lifestyle is also huge.  Finding ways to reduce stress through meditation, yoga, dirt biking ( if you are my husband…. love you babe!) or whatever works for you.  exercising regularly- no brainer but really hard for most of us ( me included!).

To me, this does seem a little overwhelming.  The key is to take apart each piece a little at a time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and we didn’t get to this point in our health and diet overnight either.

If you choose one little piece and work on that, then move to the next, the overall potential impact could literally add years to your life.  That is a great payoff.

We have so much to live for, and not only living, but living well is so important.

When we are seeing our friends and neighbors and family members suffering and dying from diseases that can be prevented, we have to take steps toward giving ourselves and our children the opportunity to escape that fate.

What is your first step going to be?