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Kinda weird title for a blogging mommy of two boys right?

I was just fortunate to spend an entire two weeks with my own mommy.

She just left yesterday (hence the lack of blog posts the last two weeks!). 😦

As a mom, it is hard to really know how you impact your children, and as they grow older, it is a constant push and pull between them needing us and us letting them go be independent.

Courtesy of flickr.com.Title: UnconditionalPhotographer: Renee

Courtesy of flickr.com.
Title: Unconditional
Photographer: Renee

If there is one thing that I have learned in my adult life, and especially since I have become a mother it is this…

No matter how old we are, where we live, how close or how far away we are, whether or not we are mothers ourselves… we always need our mothers.

If we are one of the lucky one’s (I happen to be!), our mom is loving, caring, nurturing and when we are with them or talking to them, we are being taken care of.

For those of you who may not be as fortunate, the longing for a mother, whether yours was taken away from you too soon, or the relationship is not as fullfilling as you hope, drives us to be the kind of mother to our children that we either have, had, or wished we would have had.

Wherever the road leads your children and yourself, they will always need you. Along the way, their needs will change.

Whether you are in person, or in spirit as your children grow up, remind them along the way that you will always be there for them, loving them, holding them, and lifting them up.

As my mom would say with me in Oregon and her in California… ” See- I am hugging you right now.”

Thanks mom for always hugging me!

Thinking of my good friend and her mother today- I wish you strength, love, and miracles… xoxo