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How awesome would it be if blogging was my job?  I would love to know that I could sit down, everyday, and share something with you.  ( Not sure how you would feel about me going on and on…everyday!)

Maybe someday….

But for now, I am mom, wife, cook, student, and the newest seasonal employee at Whole Foods Market!  I worked a 40 (yes, 40!) hour week last week!  Wow…it had been a long time!

It really put a lot in perspective for all of us.  I realized how much I enjoyed being home with the kids, despite it’s challenges and frustrations.  The boys realized how much they liked having me around, and although Brent is always so appreciative of me and what I do I think his comment was this exactly:

” Wow.  The more time I spend with the boys, the more amazing you are”.

This, while he is in the grocery store, grocery shopping, with both boys for the first time in YEARS (literally, years….)!!

Anywho…it was good.  A Thanksgiving lesson in being thankful 🙂

Enough about that.  Blah, blah…

What I have been so intrigued by lately is how many crazy things you can get your kids to do if you just give them an opportunity to take ownership.

This goes for adults too.  This can be applied in so many situations!

Example #1:

Need I say more??  Give the kid a spray bottle of vinegar and water and he cleans the bathroom!  (Don’t ask about the outfit… he wanted to wear his “speedo”…yikes.)

Example #2:

Brayden making his own breakfast bread… a little messy, but wonderful.  I even got him to drink celery and carrot juice by letting him push the veggies into the juicer!

Amazing what a little “buy in” can do.

I know in my professional life, I have put this to work with employees and team members, but who knew you could get your kids to drink veggie juice??

Life lessons…

What have you gotten your kids or family members to do by allowing them to participate in the process?