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As many of you know, I am taking classes in Nutritional Therapy and Holistic Nutrition (yay!).  I am loving it, btw…

Anywho,  I learned something really interesting this past weekend that was totally new to me.

So of course, I must share!

Let’s chat about Probiotics.

According to my professor (who has been practicing for 40 years and has written a ton of books and does seem to know just about everything… amazing!) probiotics operate completely differently than we thought.

I always thought that if you took probiotics daily, it would help to maintain your healthy bacteria.  In addition, I always knew you were supposed to take them while you were on antibiotics.

Here is the scoop though…

Once your “bad bacteria” take over you gut, it is like a little army in your gut that has won a war.  The bad bacteria take over and rule the “land” in your gut until the good bacteria can win it back.

That being said, taking a small dose of probiotics will not do the trick.  You have to do a “probiotic blast“.

Apparently, the bad bacteria can win the war in your gut and continue to rule the land for decades!  If you don’t blast your gut with BILLIONS of good probiotics over the course of 10 days, the bad guys will just feed on the good guys and your money is just being thrown out the window.

So what to do?

A probiotic blast of course!

How do you do that?

One of the best products on the market is called bio-k+ (http://www.biokplus.com/).  It is sold in health food stores and is like a little shot of yogurt.  It contains 50 billion friendly little bacteria in each shot.  I just bought a six-pack for $26 ( ouch, I know!)

Take two shots a day for 10 days and you are good to go!  There should be no need for a daily probiotic after that.

If you have to take a course of antibiotics, then you blast yourself again and are done 🙂

I thought that was so interesting, and so not what I thought!

I am on day two of my blast and so far I don’t feel difference.  I do, however, feel good knowing that the friendly guys will win the war in my gut!

Great read about the importance of probiotics : http://www.adventuresofaglutenfreemom.com/2011/03/hello-flora-how-you-doin/

What have you heard about probiotics?