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I spent the weekend in my class and again, it was so eye-opening.

This weekends topic was food therapy.

It is exactly what it sounds like, using food as medicine.

It seems that most conditions can be significantly impacted and even cured by using food and herbs medicinally… wow.

English: Elder flower Elder flower is used in ...

English: Elder flower Elder flower is used in human herbal medicine for colds, flu, and allergies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the course of the weekend, we looked at various popular diets – Paleo, Mediterranean, Ornish, etc… and examined each in relation to the conditions that they are aiming to treat.

I sincerely believe that diet is like religion in the sense that it all boils down to what you believe and what works for you.   I had a revelation in regards to it all ( watch out!).

Now, before I share the revelation ( I know you are sitting at the edge of your seat right now…), I have to say that I feel like I can tell you this.

The reason why is that I am not a serious health nut.  I am not one of those people who you look at and say ” Of course she can say that, look at her”.  I am just an average gal trying to be healthy and feel good.  I slip, I eat crap sometimes, I like french fries and ice cream and although my kids know what kale is, they also beg me for fruit snacks and candy…

Ok- now I will share…

When you look at all the popular diets, all of the clinically proven research on diet and what works for pathology and health they all have two things in common:


1.  Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit in lots of colors.


2. Don’t eat crap.   Refined, processed sugars and food are just horrible.

Other than that, the rest is just preference. 

Some say no animal protein, others say have a bunch of animal protein, yes grains, no grains, you get my point.

In my opinion, fad diets or extreme diets are not for the average person for the long run.  If we can begin to add more color into our diets and take out the crap, we would be well on our way to not having to discuss pathology and symptoms at all.

Throw in some Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese herbs and culinary spices proven to aid general health and we would be rockin.

Just sayin.

What do you do to be health and feel good?